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761 Pfingsten Rd, Northbrook, IL 60062 (847) 509-8424

Welcome to Simply Thai

Simply Thai is your go-to destination for authentic Thai cuisine, made with fresh ingredients and traditional recipes. Our menu offers a variety of flavorful dishes, from savory curries to delicious stir-fries, designed to satisfy every palate. We are committed to providing a convenient and delightful dining experience with quick and easy takeout and delivery options.

At Simply Thai, we bring the taste of Thailand to your table with quality and passion in every bite.

We are located along 761 Pfingsten Rd, Northbrook

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As a top-rated restaurant recommended by Restaurant Guru, we pride ourselves on using fresh ingredients and traditional recipes to craft each dish. Our menu features a variety of savory curries, delectable stir-fries, and other Thai favorites, ensuring there's something for every palate. Discover why we're celebrated as one of the best in the area!